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Cosmic Tea


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The fact is that when you do energy  work, such as reiki or other types of healing modalities, you are opening up your energy field and making yourself more seen to outside influences. It’s essential to maintain and strong and vibrant energy field. They will help protect you from negative influences and help you stay in alignment and balance.

Why Get a Membership?

We offer many classes on personal growth as you work on your journey to living your best life. Including but not limited to:

  • Breathwork
  • Rituals
  • Manifestation
  • Dreamwork
  • Overcoming fears
  • Single Mother Mindset
  • Inner Child Work
  • Shadow Work
  • New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies and so much more!

As a member, you will have access to these classes at a discounted rate. Sign up for your Cosmic Tea Membership and be in the know first.

Monthly Membership Packages

Our monthly membership at Cosmic Tea is perfect for you if you’re looking for a way to bring consistent healing into your life. Our classes include breathwork, rituals, manifestation, dreamwork, and more. Each month you’ll receive the class list to sign up for your classes of choice before we announce them to the public. We keep our classes intimate, and under 25 members per class, so this is an excellent opportunity to get holistic healing regularly. Our classes sell out regularly, so don’t miss your chance to sign up!

Crystal Membership

In this monthly membership package, you get to pick one class per month that you would like to attend. This can be any of our healing classes, personal growth classes, or new moon/full moon ceremonies.


Candle Magic Membership 

If your are working on growing your ritual work, and expanding on your personal energy.  The Candle Magic monthly membership, you get to pick two classes per month that you would like to attend and one dressed candle. Two is always better than one with double the benefits for your life. This can be any of our healing classes, personal growth classes, or new moon/full moon ceremonies.


Bad B*tch Membership

For those Bad B*tches out there that are truly living their life of purpose and want to get the most out of their healing experience, choose our Bad B*tch monthly membership option. With this option, you will receive a 45 minute healing, one monthly class and a 15 minute Psychic reading with Elizabeth, personal growth classes, or new moon/full moon ceremonies.


“Cosmic Tea is a delightful shop! I’ve had readings, purchased dressed candles, attended events, and am currently in one of the workshops and have been more than thrilled with each interaction. All practitioners and staff are top notch. Definitely check them out!”

L Hap

“Awesome shop filled with even more awesome people. I went on a retreat that they hosted and it was so amazing, educational, and all around just super spiritual. Elizabeth, Morgan, and Mariann did a great job and I’ll be attending if they do any other retreats in the future.”


“I love this shop . I’ve been lucky enough to sample a handful of the services, ceremonies, and classes they offer. They were all awesome. Elizabeth and the team here have crafted a dope community feel to it all, been a huge help in feeling more grounded and present. Thanks so much for everything.”



8775 E Orchard Rd Suite #821

Greenwood Village, CO




Tu-F:  11am – 6pm

S-S: 11am – 5pm

Let's go biotches!
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