Cosmic Tea’s Team

Elizabeth Marie

CEO, Owner of Cosmic Tea and Psychic

Elizabeth is the owner and creator of Cosmic Tea. She is a multi-Clair seer and reader. She has dedicated herself to her purpose of being a diverse psychic in Denver. She channels her spirit guides, messenger guides, and your spirit guides to deliver messages and guidance to you. She also uses her spiritual gifts to inspire, manifest, heal, banish and clear through her candle magic.


Shop Manager, Intuitive Reader

Morgan is an intuitive tarot card reader, lover of candle magic, and currently helps things run smoothly at Cosmic Tea. Her journey into tarot, developing her intuition, and manifesting began 8 years ago, and has continued through working to heal herself and striving to be a light for others during their healing process. Since the beginning of Cosmic Tea, Morgan has been a store manager and continues to help manage the shop remotely from Boston. She is committed to the mission of Cosmic Tea by empowering women and people of color to heal wounds, break generational traumas and manifest a life beyond what they thought possible. 

Intuitive Readers

Our intuitive readers are some of the best in Denver, Colorado are! They’re highly attuned to the needs of their clients and provide accurate, insightful readings.

If you’re looking for a psychic or intuitive reader who can really help you understand what’s going on in your life, our intuitive readers are perfect for you.


Intuitive Reader

Chloe is an intuitive reader, Capricorn to her core, & most importantly, figuring out how the hell she fits into the universe. A lifelong skeptic turned reader, Chloe is able to connect with those feeling uncertain, lost, or just needing someone to help untangle their thoughts.




Intuitive Reader and Vedic Astrology Readings

I have always loved all things Metaphysical. My first Astrology reading at age 15 blew my mind and solidified my deep love of Astrology.  “I have a ton of 12th house planets and my Moon is in Shatabhishak in my Navamsha, so I knew I was destined to be an Astrologer and help people spiritually.” I answered my soul’s calling to help others find the answers within themselves and successfully completed both Vedic Astrology and Elizabeth’s “Bitches and Tarot” courses after having my daughter in 2018.  I am truly blessed to be able to utilize my intuitive gifts and share the profound, validating insight of these ancient tools with others. 


Intuitive Reader 

Hi there! I’m Lindsey, an Intuitive Reader. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always known that I encompass my intuitive Clairs. With the support of my Spirit team, I pull in  strength and wisdom with Odin and the divine feminine energy of Freya and Goddess Theia.  I can help you understand what’s happening around you, support you in decisions, and share messages that you are meant to hear.

I am an entrepreneur myself, owning multiple businesses and supporting others in their business journeys. As a mother, I understand the delicate balance it takes to support and develop my own children who walk in this light.  

I leverage the power of the Moon’s energy each day to help guide and support me on my own Spiritual journey.



Intuitive Reader

Marisabel is an intuitive tarot reader, Activist and Collage Artist from Venezuela raised in Miami, FL now living in Denver, CO. She has been reading tarot for 6+ years and about 2 years professionally. She is passionate about being of service and speaking truth to power.


Intuitive Reader

Hi, my name is Monika. I am a compassionate, kind, and candid intuitive-medium, mindfulness mentor, and nature lover. I help tune into your soul and move through stuck energy by receiving messages from the cosmos. Guiding your path to self-discovery and growth with the connection of Tarot. During a reading, messages come in fast. You will leave with clarity on what you are seeking and direction on how to move forward to your greatest potential. 


Intuitive Reader

Sloan is master numerology number 11, a tarot reader, candlemaker, weaver and a natural born messenger. She describes herself as “a Libra with a lot of Scorpio placements” who channels the messages Spirit wants you to hear, using her spirit counsel to connect with yours. Sloan uses tarot as a tool to help give a visual representation on the message that’s being conveyed through Spirit to help those seeking answer

Energy Healers

Our team of energy healers and practitioners are experts in their field. With years of experience, they are able to provide you with the best possible care. Energy work is a passion for them, and they are dedicated to helping you heal your mind, body, and soul.


Angelic IET Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher, Aroma Touch Therapy, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practioner

Works with the 8th Chakra, IET, within the soul’s star, working with Angels, and is guided and channeled by Angel Ariel.

Outside of her energy work, she is a hairstylist, salon owner, mother of 3, and grandmother of 1.  Enjoys working out, yoga, pilates, and karate.  She spends her past time reading to widen her knowledge and build her own spiritual practice for self and her clients.


Trauma Release, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Tapping, Akashic Records, Spiritual or Addictions 

Alexandra Chamizo has been a lifelong student of esoteric teachings. She is a multi-faceted healer and owner of unveil.  Through a blend of somatic and spiritual healing practices, Lex uses the Artistry of Healing to unveil your truth, pleasure, joy and innate wisdom within.

Lex is an Angelic Reiki Master and certified in each of her modalities. She specializes in co-creating with sex workers, people recovering from drugs and alcohol, trauma and those yearning to connect deeper within their body and spiritual path. She believes that the healing process can be a catalyst for post traumatic growth and spiritual transformation. Lex offers in person and distant sessions for Trauma Release Exercises, Reiki + Angelic Reiki Energy Healing, Tapping, Akashic Records, Ritual/Ceremony and Spiritual and Addictions Counseling. 


Reiki Healer, Herbalist, Cacao Guide

Isabel is a reiki practitioner, herbalist, cacao guide, private chef, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt. She also does candle magick to help you manifest and release what no longer serves you. Through her work with cacao, she has learned how to nurture herself, and heal the people pleaser within by connecting to her heart & inner child. She creates with intention, focusing on nourishing, healing, and allowing our bodies to thrive. Her mission is to create nurturing space for burnt-out, people-pleasers to create boundaries and reconnect to their hearts. So they can stand in their own power, find their voice and ask for what they want!


Tobacco Clearing, Limpia

Colorado native.
Honored Student of the Mayan Cosmology “Oxlaju Ochoch Tz’ikin” The House of the 13 Eagles and Kapulli IV apprenticeship under Nataline Cruz with Strawberry Moon Energetics, Holistic Healing & Traditional Medicine in Lakewood.
Services offered by Lucia
Plactica : Sacred Conversation
Limpia/Barrida:  An energetic healing includes prayer and invocations paired with an egg, incenses, flowers, and tuning fork to clear any energetic blockages and realigning of your luminous being.
Tobacco Healing:
Cigar smoke will be blown into the clients  physical body, reading where the affected parts of the ‘aura’ or the areas of energetic concentration, such as the crown of the head, the tip of fingers and toes, the back or the chest. The Sacred tobacco smoke is charged with the healer’s energy (mine) and acts as an extension of a co-creation with your intention, and the cosmic energetic energy exchange from God, Source, Creator surrounding your energetic body.
The smoke infuses with the energetic aura of the client , the healer transmits illumination, stability, and healing of the spiritual body. We are asking for the transmutation of any and all energetic disturbances in all time, space, and dimensions  of the client  to be moved up and out of their ‘being’ and bringing in balance or homeostasis. 


Limpias, Smoke Medicine, House Blessings, Ventozas and Yoni Steams

I’m the owner of Sacred Expansion Wellness.

I am a multifaceted, creative- ready to fully step into my practice after being an educator for over 18 years. I’ve been broadening, expanding and cultivating my potential.

I’m a full-spectrum doula, in which my work includes: Pre-natal, with an emphasis on specialized postpartum care, abortion and miscarriage support, transition of life, fetal demise and death rites. Trans birthing bodies are heavily supported in my work as well.

I’m Mestiza, an intuitive, and a gifted ancestral medicine keeper, who is deeply rooted in my indigenous (Mexica and Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo) ways and medicines. I incorporate herbalism, alchemy, touch therapy, energy work, limpias, smoke medicine, house blessings, ventozas and much, much more into my practice.

I have been trained in many modalities with revered medicine keepers, curanderas, elders, mystics and ritual keepers. I’m about to begin a year long apprenticeship with the Serpent and the Veil Mystery School (Nov. 2021), so that I can incorporate Celtic medicine into my practice. I have been called to go to “the other mother land” to learn these medicine ways so that I can help people of European descent remember their own indigenous practices and medicine ways so that they stop appropriating and commodifying indigenous to the Americas, medicine ways. You can say, I literally “Walk in two worlds.”

I’m always ready to stand in my power and to be of service to humanity.

I’m also a professional photographer whose many works have been published in syndicates, magazines, on-line articles and have been shown in galleries.


Certified EFT Facilitator, a Certified Angelic Oracle Reader, a Certified Angelic Energy Healer & Certified Reiki Master, and Natal Chart Reading

M.D. Traditional is a well-seasoned Reiki Practitioner. Attuned to the Universal Life Force energy of Usui Ryoho Reiki in 2014. She comes from a place of boundaries and only comes from a place of unconditional love for all beings of this world. M.D.Traditional comes from a place of grace, integrity, and faith and holds herself to superior morals. There is no judgment and affirms the belief that all are One.

Alongside a passion for the Celestial world of Angels, M.D. Traditional works alongside her deep faith in God, the Jesus Christ Consciousness of hands-on healing, and places each one of her techniques in all her sessions and in her handcrafted goods.

With a working knowledge of the Celestial Hierarchies, M.D. Traditional is also an Angelologist and a practicing Enochian practitioner. Through the wonderful energy of the Divine, she has been guided to dive deeply into the energy of Angels such as Saint Michael, Archangel Raziel, Enoch the Prophet and so many more. With this connection, Astrology has also come naturally to her.

Her goal is to bring everyone into their power and back to faith. She strives to help you be your best, feel your best, and take control of this short but precious time on Earth.

M.D. Traditional is a Certified EFT Facilitator, a Certified Angelic Oracle Reader, a Certified Angelic Energy Healer & Certified Reiki Master Teacher. 

In her downtime, you can find her actively seeking proof of the Paranormal and is an active member of her local Paranormal Investigative Team.

Interested in a personal reading? M.D. Traditional readings are specifically tailored to your unique self. No one person is the same. Whether an Astrology reading, distant angelic Reiki healing, Natal Chart Reading, M.D. Traditional delivers quality service fully focusing on Love through intention.


Sound Healer and Meditation Facilitator

I am a Certified Sound Healer and Meditation Facilitator. I practice with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Tuning Forks and Chimes to stimulate circulation, boost your immune function, lower inflammation, and reduce anxiety and stress. Not only can Sound Healing promote

relaxation, harmony, and inner peace… Sound can clear negative energies and entities attached to your aura.

I work with individuals and groups to use Sound Healing frequencies and specific meditation practices to realign your chakras and natural vibrational resonance in your mind, body, and soul.
To receive the full benefits of Sound Healing Therapy, it is recommended to schedule one to two sessions per month. I look forward to connecting and being a part of your health and wellness team.


Reiki Master

Rossi has been an avid Metaphysical student since she has been a little girl! She started early on on the path of Yoga and Bodywork and deeply connects with Eastern philosophies and guides to navigate and lead her through life. She is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and an Intuitive and works with tarot and oracle cards too.
Rossi is an Intuitive. She sees Tarot as a unique cooperation between sense and soul, intellect, and intuition. An intuitive tarot reading is a form of divination where the reader relies on their intuition, feelings, and impressions to interpret the cards, as well as incorporating traditional meanings and symbolism.

Her readings are non-judgmental, reality-based, and spirituality-focused. She is a natural intuitive reader and does not utilize Tarot simply to be fortune telling, the energy of Free Will is operable during a Tarot card reading, and the future will and can change by one’s actions Today. She believes that the source of a Tarot reading emanates from within and aids in guidance to contact one’s Higher Self. Her 1-on-1 tarot readings are designed to swiftly illuminate one’s current circumstances, explore possible choices & outcomes, and unfurl the ideal roadmap to the future one may want to create. Her style is frank, forthright, and practical.

She has a wide variety of other studies including years of practice and study in Yoga such as Power Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Yoga for addiction and recovery, Love Your Brain/ yoga for traumatic brain injuries, Yoga for Young Warriors, Y12SR yoga for the 12-step program, The art of Adjustment and mindful touch, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit and more. She is a 500 E-RYT and YACEP. Rossi founded Bossi Rossi Yoga to compliment her passion for Authentic growth + support as a Mentor of new Yoga Teacher Graduates. She believes that the same principles that guide one through life are related both to happiness and satisfaction at work, and any other relationship one holds. Rossi holds workshops and ceremonies such as Cacao, Fire, Akashic Records and Reiki training, Yoga Teacher Training,s and more.

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.” T.K.V. Desikachar
Rossi is a Traditional Bodywork practitioner and a Mind Architect coach.

Her mission is to ignite communities everywhere to break the Self Imposed limitations and open up to possibilities.

Fueled by a passion for helping people throughout her life, Rossi began
on her healing path through the lens of massage and yoga, for her own
personal healing from trauma, at the early age of 16. Born and raised in
Bulgaria, Rossi moved to the US during her early 20s. Rossi is well versed in facilitating healing in the energy body, she uses blends of energy medicine through her intuition, spirit guidance, channeling, Reiki Master Teacher Training, and chakra balancing.


Reiki Master

Sammy is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner that lives by the moto “Where energy Flows Intention Goes” He is a certified Reiki Master and currently completing Shamanic Journey by the end of this year. Through Reiki and the knowledge he has learned through his journeying he is able to tune into your energetic field, and connect with your ancestors to co-create a healing session that will leave you feeling transformed, empowered and whole again. In addition to him healing the community in person he also is a candle maker which he infuses his creations with Reiki energy so anyone can get the healing they need!

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