We believe in the power of energy, work, and healing. Select Healers offer Crystal Reiki as one of our holistic healing practices. Crystal Reiki is a form of energy work that uses crystals and energy to promote healing.

Crystal Reiki works with using crystals, stones, and gems to embody the energy and frequencies of the earth.

Crystal Reiki uses powerful crystals, stones and gems

Each crystal used in Crystal Reiki targets a different part of your body’s energetic field.   The holistic healing that Crystal Reiki provides can help to ease stress, anxiety, and pain. The use of crystals in this type of Reiki is not only based on the properties of each crystal. Colors are also a type of energy that our bodies respond to.


Our Healers

At your Crystal Reiki session, the practitioner intuitively places the crystals into specific patterns on the client’s body in specific patterns, depending on the needs of the client and what frequencies need attunement.  Allowing yourself to be amplified by the earth’s natural gifts will allow your body’s energy field to deeply connect with what the crystals are giving to you.

Your healer will intuitively select crystals to allow the energy to move through you.  Removing stagnant energy, and trauma and get you out of your own fucking way.



Other Healing Services


Negative and stagnant energy can attach to our bodies and energy fields. For example, making us feel tired, anxious, stressed, or even sick. A Limpia can help to release this energy and allow us to feel more balanced and clear-headed.

Tobacco Clearing

For the purpose of clearing energy, tobacco smoke has been used for centuries by indigenous people worldwide. The smoke from the tobacco plant is used to cleanse and purify energy, providing balance and harmony.

Womb Healing

Womb healing is the process of bringing harmony and balance to the womb space through various means, including energy work, massage, and plant medicine.

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