Meet Our Mystical Team

Meet Our Founder

Elizabeth Marie, Cosmic Tea Founder

I’m Elizabeth, a Multi-Clair Seer and Psychic Reader, and owner of Cosmic Tea. I have been drawn to this work since I was a child, and after years of development, I decided to open Cosmic Tea to share my abilities, uplift other healers and readers, with a specific passion for supporting women of color, single moms, and women-owned businesses. I built Cosmic Tea as a safe haven for those tortured, sad, and unhappy souls to work in the pits of hell to bring people back to life.

Since opening Cosmic Tea, I have expanded and regularly offer virtual readings to dope souls across the globe. I was born to do this work, so watch out, skeptics don’t scare me. When working together, I manifest career, money, and opportunities. We clear, balance, and banish energies for your life.

I want to work with people who want to be bad bitches, not sad bitches. I am here to help you connect with your guides, angels, and highest self and will never tell you what you think you need to hear but what message you are meant to hear. I am not here to soften the message. I am not here for your feelings but to be a clear channel through spirit. My mission is to empower you on your spiritual journey.

A psychic is someone who has predicted over 500 messages that is true. I have predicted over 18,663 messages that have come to fruition including 28 marriages, 4 engagements and endless babies. I am the baby whisperer!

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Meet Our Readers

Best Intuitive Reader in Colorado Marisabel


Intuitive Reader

Marisabel is an intuitive tarot reader, Activist and Collage Artist from Venezuela raised in Miami, FL now living in Denver, CO. She has been reading tarot for 6+ years and about 2 years professionally. She is passionate about being of service and speaking truth to power.

Best Intuitive Reader in Colorado Sloan


Intuitive Reader

Sloan is a master numerology number 11, a tarot reader, a candlemaker, a weaver, and a natural-born messenger. She describes herself as “a Libra with a lot of Scorpio placements” who channels the messages Spirit wants you to hear, using her spirit counsel to connect with yours. Sloan uses tarot as a tool to help give a visual representation of the message that’s being conveyed through Spirit to help those seeking an answer.

Best Psychic Reader and Medium in Colorado  Monika


Psychic Reader & Medium

Hi, my name is Monika. I am a compassionate, kind, and candid intuitive-medium, mindfulness mentor, and nature lover. I help tune into your soul and move through stuck energy by receiving messages from the cosmos. Guiding your path to self-discovery and growth with the connection of Tarot. During a reading, messages come in fast. You will leave with clarity on what you are seeking and direction on how to move forward to your greatest potential.

Top Intuitive Reader in Colorado Morgan


Intuitive Reader, Shop Manager

Morgan is an intuitive tarot card reader, lover of candle magic, and currently helps things run smoothly at Cosmic Tea. Her journey into tarot, developing her intuition, and manifesting began eight years ago, and has continued through working to heal herself and striving to be a light for others during their healing process. Since the beginning of Cosmic Tea, Morgan has been a store manager and continues to help manage the shop remotely from Boston. She is committed to the mission of Cosmic Tea by empowering others to heal wounds, break generational traumas, and manifest a life beyond what they thought possible.

Isabel Ranney is a Reiki Healer, Herbalist, Cacao Guide

Isabel Ranney

Reiki Healer, Herbalist, Cacao Guide

Isabel is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Cacao Alchemist, Folk Herbalist, and Chef who combines her Spanish, German and Scottish lineages within her work. She is a multi-faceted practitioner passionate about helping people grow and create their own power. She combines all of her spiritual gifts to create individualized experiences that help people connect with their inner voice and courageously ask for what they need to thrive. Isabel is dedicated to creating a supportive, heart-centered space where people can build healthy boundaries, tap into their natural creative gifts and reclaim their power within. Her mission is to create supportive environments that help people combat burnout, set boundaries, and find the courage to listen to their hearts and ask for what they need.

Best astrologist Colorado Jade Henley

Jade Henley


I have always loved all things Metaphysical. My first Astrology reading at age 15 blew my mind and solidified my deep love of Astrology. “I have a ton of 12th house planets, and my Moon is in Shatabhishak in my Navamsha, so I knew I was destined to be an Astrologer and help people spiritually.” I answered my soul's calling to help others find the answers within themselves and successfully completed both Vedic Astrology and Elizabeth's "Bitches and Tarot" courses after having my daughter in 2018. I am truly blessed to be able to utilize my intuitive gifts and share the profound, validating insight of these ancient tools with others.

Meet Our Healers

Reiki Master in Colorado Sammy


Reiki Master

Sammy is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner who lives by the motto, “Where energy Flows, Intention Goes.” He is a certified Reiki Master and is currently completing his Shamanic Journey by the end of this year. Through Reiki and the knowledge he has learned through his journeying, he is able to tune into your energetic field and connect with your ancestors to co-create a healing session that will leave you feeling transformed, empowered, and whole again. In addition to healing the community in person, he is also a candle maker and infuses his creations with Reiki energy so anyone can get the healing they need!

Alex Booth is an Angelic IET Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher, Aroma Touch Therapy, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.

Alex Booth

Angelic IET Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher, Aroma Touch Therapy, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.

Works with the 8th Chakra, IET, within the soul’s star, working with Angels, and is guided and channeled by Angel Ariel. Outside of her energy work, she is a hairstylist, salon owner, mother of three, and grandmother of one. Alex enjoys working out, yoga, pilates, and karate. She spends her past time reading to widen her knowledge and build her own spiritual practice for herself and her clients.

Monika Sound Healer and Meditation Facilitator Colorado


Sound Healer and Meditation Facilitator

I am a Certified Sound Healer and Meditation Facilitator. I practice with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Tuning Forks, and Chimes to stimulate circulation, boost your immune function, lower inflammation, and reduce anxiety and stress. Not only can Sound Healing promote relaxation, harmony, and inner peace… Sound can clear negative energies and entities attached to your aura.

I work with individuals and groups to use Sound Healing frequencies and specific meditation practices to realign your chakras and natural vibrational resonance in your mind, body, and soul. To receive the full benefits of Sound Healing Therapy, it is recommended to schedule one to two sessions per month. I look forward to connecting and being a part of your health and wellness team.

Tobacco Clearing and Limpias done by Lucia, a Colorado Native


Tobacco Clearing, Limpias. Colorado Native.

Honored Student of the Mayan Cosmology “Oxlaju Ochoch Tz’ikin” The House of the 13 Eagles and Kapulli IV apprenticeship under Nataline Cruz with Strawberry Moon Energetics, Holistic Healing & Traditional Medicine in Lakewood.

Services offered by Lucia:

Limpia/Barrida: An energetic healing includes prayer and invocations paired with an egg, incense, flowers, and a tuning fork to clear any energetic blockages and realign your luminous being.

Tobacco Healing: Cigar smoke will be blown into the client's physical body, reading where the affected parts of the ‘aura’ or the areas of energetic concentration, such as the crown of the head, the tip of fingers and toes, the back, or the chest. The Sacred tobacco smoke is charged with the healer’s energy (mine) and acts as an extension of a co-creation with your intention and the cosmic energetic energy exchange from God, Source, and Creator surrounding your energetic body. The smoke infuses with the energetic aura of the client; the healer transmits illumination, stability, and healing of the spiritual body. We are asking for the transmutation of any and all energetic disturbances in all time, space, and dimensions of the client to be moved up and out of their ‘being’ and bring in balance or homeostasis.

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Holistic Healing Services in Colorado

Holistic Healings

We believe that healing starts with a holistic look at your health – including your mind, body, and spirit. We offer services like Breathwork, Reiki, Yoni Steams, Crystal Magic, Somatic Healing, Indigenous Healers, Womb Healing, and more to help you step towards optimum mental health and wellness.

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Psychic Readings

Explore your spirituality or seek answers to specific life questions by booking a Psychic or Intuitive Reading with one of our readers. A psychic is someone who has predicted over 500 events and an Intuitive is something who works with spirit and messenger guides to deliver messages.

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