Intuitive and Psychic Readings

In-Person & Online

What are intuitive readings?

What are Intuitive Readings?

Intuitive readings are powerful insights that provide guidance, clarity, and deep self-awareness. Through these readings, individuals can tap into their intuition, unlocking a better understanding of their life’s purpose, relationships, and personal path. These sessions offer profound spiritual and practical wisdom, aiding decision-making and offering direction in moments of uncertainty. Intuitive readings act as a valuable compass, helping you navigate the complexities of life with greater confidence and alignment with your inner self.

What are psychic readings?

What are Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings offer a unique glimpse into the unknown, shedding light on the mysteries of the past, present, and future. A skilled psychic can provide insights, predictions, and a deeper understanding of life’s complexities, allowing you to make informed choices, gain clarity about your journey, and navigate challenges with a sense of empowerment. These readings can be a source of comfort, guidance, and personal growth, helping you find answers to your most pressing questions and offering a spiritual connection that transcends the ordinary. Psychic readings are done by a reader who has had over 500 predictions that have happened.

Book a Reading

We offer 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute readings.

We are also available for events and parties.

We have several practicing psychics – each day is different – and we offer in-person or virtual readings. Elizabeth is our main psychic, and she trains all of our other readers, or they have had years of experience. Each reader has a different style, approach, and specialism. Continue reading to learn more about them!

Meet Our Psychic

Best Colorado Psychic Reader Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie

Psychic, Founder of Cosmic Tea

I am Elizabeth Marie, a Multi-Clair Seer and Psychic reader who owns and operates Cosmic Tea. I have been drawn to this work since I was a child, and after years of development, I decided to create my own business to share my abilities with others in the Denver, Colorado area. I built Cosmic Tea as a safe haven for those tortured, sad, and unhappy souls to work in the pits of hell to bring people back to life.

When working together, I help people manifest career, money, and opportunities. We clear, balance, and banish energies for your life.

I want to work with people who want to be bad bitches, not sad bitches.
I am here to help you connect with your guides, angels, and highest self and will never tell you what you think you need to hear but what message you are meant to hear. I am not here to soften the message. I am not here for your feelings but to be a clear channel through spirit. My mission is to empower you on your spiritual journey.

A psychic is someone who has predicted over 500 messages that are true. I have predicted over 18,663 messages that have come to fruition, including 28 marriages, four engagements, and endless babies.

Meet Our Readers

Best Intuitive Reader in Colorado Marisabel


Intuitive Reader

Marisabel is an intuitive tarot reader, Activist and Collage Artist from Venezuela raised in Miami, FL now living in Denver, CO. She has been reading tarot for 6+ years and about 2 years professionally. She is passionate about being of service and speaking truth to power.

Best Intuitive Reader in Colorado Sloan


Intuitive Reader

Sloan is a master numerology number 11, a tarot reader, a candlemaker, a weaver, and a natural-born messenger. She describes herself as “a Libra with a lot of Scorpio placements” who channels the messages Spirit wants you to hear, using her spirit counsel to connect with yours. Sloan uses tarot as a tool to help give a visual representation of the message that’s being conveyed through Spirit to help those seeking an answer.

Best Psychic Reader and Medium in Colorado  Monika


Psychic Reader & Medium

Hi, my name is Monika. I am a compassionate, kind, and candid intuitive-medium, mindfulness mentor, and nature lover. I help tune into your soul and move through stuck energy by receiving messages from the cosmos. Guiding your path to self-discovery and growth with the connection of Tarot. During a reading, messages come in fast. You will leave with clarity on what you are seeking and direction on how to move forward to your greatest potential.

Top Intuitive Reader in Colorado Morgan


Intuitive Reader, Shop Manager

Morgan is an intuitive tarot card reader, lover of candle magic, and currently helps things run smoothly at Cosmic Tea. Her journey into tarot, developing her intuition, and manifesting began eight years ago, and has continued through working to heal herself and striving to be a light for others during their healing process. Since the beginning of Cosmic Tea, Morgan has been a store manager and continues to help manage the shop remotely from Boston. She is committed to the mission of Cosmic Tea by empowering others to heal wounds, break generational traumas, and manifest a life beyond what they thought possible.

Isabel Ranney is a Reiki Healer, Herbalist, Cacao Guide

Isabel Ranney

Reiki Healer, Herbalist, Cacao Guide

Isabel is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Cacao Alchemist, Folk Herbalist, and Chef who combines her Spanish, German and Scottish lineages within her work. She is a multi-faceted practitioner passionate about helping people grow and create their own power. She combines all of her spiritual gifts to create individualized experiences that help people connect with their inner voice and courageously ask for what they need to thrive. Isabel is dedicated to creating a supportive, heart-centered space where people can build healthy boundaries, tap into their natural creative gifts and reclaim their power within. Her mission is to create supportive environments that help people combat burnout, set boundaries, and find the courage to listen to their hearts and ask for what they need.

Best astrologist Colorado Jade Henley

Jade Henley


I have always loved all things Metaphysical. My first Astrology reading at age 15 blew my mind and solidified my deep love of Astrology. “I have a ton of 12th house planets, and my Moon is in Shatabhishak in my Navamsha, so I knew I was destined to be an Astrologer and help people spiritually.” I answered my soul's calling to help others find the answers within themselves and successfully completed both Vedic Astrology and Elizabeth's "Bitches and Tarot" courses after having my daughter in 2018. I am truly blessed to be able to utilize my intuitive gifts and share the profound, validating insight of these ancient tools with others.


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What can I expect from a reading?

At the start, your reader will pull cards to see what comes up first through the cards.

Do I need to ask specific questions?

You don’t have to, but if you have them in mind, you can feel free to ask during your reading. 

How should I prepare for a reading?

Besides preparing specific questions, your reader will guide you through any preparation at the beginning of the reading, you just have to bring yourself!

How often should I get a reading?

It depends. After every reading, the reader will give you “homework” and once you’ve completed that homework, it is a good time to get another reading. For some people, that’s every six months, or it could be once a month; it just depends. 

How long of a session do I need?

This also depends on what your goal is within the reading. A 15 minute reading is ideal if you have a specific question, or are just wanting to try it out, or need some quick clarity. 30 and 60 minute readings will go more in depth and will allow more time for questions you have. If it is your first reading, 30 minutes is a good starting point. 

Do you desire more insight and clarity on what is facing you?