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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of holistic energy healing that involves using hands to channel universal life force energy. This energy is said to promote balance and harmony in the body.

Reiki heals in the aid of relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.

At Cosmic Tea, our Reiki Practitioners

Reiki is the original chapter of the universal life force energy

Will Reiki Work For Me

Reiki healing is an effective, natural, and safe method of energy healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Reiki Heals the Souls Wounds.  It heals one’s sadness of heart, helps relieve sorrow from broken relationships, inner child trauma, empower one to manifest one’s desires, miscarriages, abortions, rape, sex trauma, empower one to fine one sexual desires again.

During Your Healing

You will feel the energy move through your own body. You will experience the shift and lift off all of this.  There will be sensations of warmth, tingling, or pressure as the energy moves through your body. You may see colors or images during your session. You may fall asleep or drift into a meditative state. All of these experiences are normal and show that the energy is working.

Length of Healing

We are hypo diligent on creating a safe space for everyone during their healings.  Our Reiki healings are typically 45-60 minutes long. Drinking plenty of water after the treatment is essential to help flush toxins from your system.

If you are interested in experiencing reiki healing for yourself, please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners or book online today.

Other Healing Services


Negative and stagnant energy can attach to our bodies and energy fields. For example, making us feel tired, anxious, stressed, or even sick. A Limpia can help to release this energy and allow us to feel more balanced and clear-headed.

Tobacco Clearing

For the purpose of clearing energy, tobacco smoke has been used for centuries by indigenous people worldwide. The smoke from the tobacco plant is used to cleanse and purify energy, providing balance and harmony.

Womb Healing

Womb healing is the process of bringing harmony and balance to the womb space through various means, including energy work, massage, and plant medicine.

We are here for your life’s journey through healing, growth and love.

“Wonderful place. The art decor was unique and charming. The environment itself, invited relaxtion. I had a 45 minute reiki session with Panda and while I do keep a healthy amount of skepticism, the experience overall was rejuvenating. I felt warm and restored afterwards and she had insights for me that were relevant and spot on after the session was done. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for some respite in today’s busy and tumultuous world.”


“Hell yes!! More Cosmic Tea, please? I am still all a flutter from the 12 card pull Elizabeth did for me today. She is the Real Deal Holyfield. Seriously, if you have questions, she has answers and she will give it to you straight. I was stuck before, but we flowin’ now! I have also had candles made for myself and friends. They are beautiful and magical AF. Every time I visit the vibe is always chill. Everyone is welcoming and ready to answer any questions you may have. There is a ton to explore!!”


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