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At Cosmic Tea, we offer tobacco balance as apart of our energy clearings.   This is an ancient practice by the Mayan Gosmologians. Tobacco smoke is used to to removed affected parts of your aura and energy. 

Tobacco Smoke Balance

The sacred tobacco smoke is charged with the healer’s energy and acts as an extension of a co-creation with your intention and the cosmic energetic energy exchange from God, Sacred Creator.  The smoke is infused within your energetic field.  The healer transmits illumination, stability, and healing of the spiritual body.  Asking for all energetic disturbances in all of time, space and dimensions of your energy field to move up and out.  This brings balance and homeostasis to you energetically.

How Often Should I Get A Clearing?

We recommend that you receive a tobacco energy clearing every 4-6 weeks to maintain balance in your life. However, if you are dealing with a lot of stress, negative energy, or doing a lot of growth energy work, you may benefit from more frequent sessions.

During Your Tobacco Cleaning

You will sit or stand in a comfortable position and relax. Our intuitive energy worker will connect with your energy field to identify areas that need clearing. Then, using the smoke of the Tobacco, your healer will move the smoke around your body. You may experience a sense of peacefulness and calmness during the session. Once the session is complete, you will feel lighter, more balanced, and have a sense of clarity.

Other Healing Services


Negative and stagnant energy can attach to our bodies and energy fields. For example, making us feel tired, anxious, stressed, or even sick. A Limpia can help to release this energy and allow us to feel more balanced and clear-headed.

Tobacco Clearing

For the purpose of clearing energy, tobacco smoke has been used for centuries by indigenous people worldwide. The smoke from the tobacco plant is used to cleanse and purify energy, providing balance and harmony.

Womb Healing

Womb healing is the process of bringing harmony and balance to the womb space through various means, including energy work, massage, and plant medicine.

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