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At Cosmic Tea, we believe in the power of holistic healing practices, which include womb healing, a vital part of our work.  The activation of healing, clearing and elevating one’s own womb is a vital part of our work.

Womb Healing is,

The process of bringing harmony and balance and closure to one’s own womb space through various techniques.  

Our Intuitive Healers

At Cosmic Tea, your intuitive healer will focus on the energy work part of healing. They use their intuition and talk to their Spirit teams to  see what is going on with you. After the session, your healer will guide you with homework on how to continue your healing process.. We recommend Womb Healing to our clients every 4-6 weeks.


You might need womb healing if you struggle with fertility issues, have had miscarriages, endometriosis, SA Trauma, or to cut cord with the patter of toxic relationships and underserving partners.  If you are a momma who has given your life to birth your children who are now stepping back into their energy.  

Other Healing Services


Negative and stagnant energy can attach to our bodies and energy fields. For example, making us feel tired, anxious, stressed, or even sick. A Limpia can help to release this energy and allow us to feel more balanced and clear-headed.

Tobacco Clearing

For the purpose of clearing energy, tobacco smoke has been used for centuries by indigenous people worldwide. The smoke from the tobacco plant is used to cleanse and purify energy, providing balance and harmony.

Womb Healing

Womb healing is the process of bringing harmony and balance to the womb space through various means, including energy work, massage, and plant medicine.

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